What really is ADHD?




Some of you might be familiar with the theory of Hunter vs Farmer as it makes a lot of sense.

It also correlates well with the ideas of Dr Russell Barkley who defined it as “Nearsightedness in time” (see video below)

Therefore the current trend seems to be to not treat ADHD – instead we should change the environment. Pick the right activities, the right way of teaching etc.

Here’s another presentation by Stephen Tonti who describes the experience of having ADHD first hand.

An interesting thought that one can draw from those presentations is that ADHD destines people to do what excites them.

This can be perceived both in positive and in negative manner, but a way to solve it would be to ask: can we consciously change what excites us? Can we somehow aid our will?

Our personal answer to this question is that we can influence it, holistically, by low-sugar diet, lifestyle and environment changes.

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